Thursday, April 18, 2013

Free Download and Play Yoshi's Island Flash Games

Nintendo has announced a range of new 3DS titles, including Yoshi's Island.

In 2010, a tech demo titled "Classic Games" was unveiled, showing multiple Nintendo games being played on the Nintendo 3DS with enhanced 3D features. It was specifically mentioning Yoshi's Island, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Mega Man 2 and The Legend of Zelda will appear on the 3DS. And now, they will be here.

On April 17 2013, Nintendo announced a third addition to the series to be released on the Nintendo 3DS.  A new Yoshi's Island game, featuring Yoshi and Baby Mario, is of course among the upcoming Nintendo new games.

Yoshi's Island
Yoshi's Island was first released on August 5, 1995 in Japan, October 4, 1995 in North America and October 6, 1995 in Europe, for the SNES console. It featuring Nintendo's trademark Mario character, the game's graphics and gameplay differed from all previous Mario games in that players control various Yoshi dinosaurs rather than Mario himself, who appears as a helpless infant.

The basic goal of each level sees the player controlling a Yoshi in order to safely escort Baby Mario to the end and pass him onto another Yoshi. If Yoshi is struck by an enemy or obstacle, Baby Mario will be sprung from Yoshi's back and float around in a bubble crying while a timer counts down, requiring Yoshi to try and recover him by popping its bubble. If Yoshi does not reunite with Baby Mario before the timer reaches 0, Baby Bowser's minions will kidnap him and the player will lose a life, beginning from the start of the level or a mid-way checkpoint. The timer will automatically recover to 10 shortly after recovering Baby Mario, although players can collect little stars in order to increase the timer to a maximum of thirty. Although Yoshi can take numerous hits so long as the timer hasn't counted down, certain situations, such as landing on lava, falling down a bottomless pit, or touching spikes, will instantly cause Yoshi to lose a life regardless of how much time he has left.

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Free play Yoshi's Island flash game
If you just haven't any device to play Yoshi's Island video games, you can find similar flash games online. Just control with your keyboards easily. I collected several free Yoshi's Island flash games for you. Play Yoshi's Island flash games online, or even you can free download Yoshi's Island flash games and free play Yoshi's Island flash games on your computers. Tools you may need: Free Flash Downloader, Free Flash Players for Windows, Free FLash Player for Android.

Mario & Yoshi Adventure

Mario & Yoshi Adventure 2

Yoshi Island for Kids

Mario in Ben 10 World

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bubble Series: Play Bubble Shooter Flash Game

Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter, a puzzle game, has simple interface and easy operations. It owns regular rectangle frame, colorful bubbles, and a purple arrow for players to shoot.

In Bubble Shooter game, your goal is to clear all the bubbles before they overflow the board. Yes, it's the same item in all of the other bubble games. It turns the bubble game to the basic and original status without much decoration.

Bubble Shooter

Use your mouse to aim and shoot bubbles in this game. There is no time limited and all you can see is your score on the right. Shoot as many as you can. If you like it, you can download and play it offline on your computers. Tools you may need: Free Flash Downloader and Flash Players for PC.


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