Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Released Pet Rescue Saga on Facebook

Pet Rescue Saga, the maker of some of the top casual social games in the marketplace today, has just released a brand new game for Facebook, Pet Rescue Saga, along with the iOS version release of Candy Crush Saga. claims that it’s one of its most creative sagas to date. Starting today, it can be played exclusively on Facebook with over 50 levels available to players. has already 150 casual tournament games on the web. The number of active players on Facebook even rises to 48.5 million monthly.  Bubble Witch Saga and Candy Crush Saga are top 2.

Pet Rescue Saga Introduction
Pet Rescue Saga is a new block-busting puzzle game that uses animated pets, featuring different puzzle challenges and game modes keep you entertained for hours, as well as 3D graphics.

The title features a number of animated pets for players to rescue from various threats in multiple environments. Gameplay has users removing blocks so the animals can move through the levels to safety, and players can win by either removing a required number of blocks or saving a certain number of pets.
Pet Rescue Saga screenshot
Pet Rescue Saga screenshot
Pet Rescue Saga screenshot
Pet Rescue Saga screenshot

Each episode (with its own special environment) will include up to 10 different types of levels, and it will come with  over 50 different levels at the time of launch.  Like other games, it will share common features for leaderboards and sharing. Zacconi said the company saves on development costs by creating a core platform that every game uses for features such as multiplayer.

Several dogs, cats and birds have been trapped in a burning building, and it is up to you to rescue them! You have fire extinguishers and helicopters to aid you, but your supply is limited!
  • Click a group of two or more crates of the same colour to remove them. Make large groups to score points.
  • Try to get the animals out of the crates and down to the ground. You also have a limited number of helicopters.
  • You get fire extinguishers for making large groups. Use them to put out the fires by clicking them before they spread!
You can play Pet Rescue Saga on or play on Facebook now!

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Free Download Candy Crush Saga for iOS Devices

candy crush saga is the No. 2 social gamemaker on Facebook with 48.5 million monthly active users. The most popular Bubble Witch Saga contributes most. The second one, Candy Crush Saga, also has five million daily active players on Facebook. The game’s proven extremely popular on Facebook ever since it launched in April, rapidly climbing the charts over the past few months and hit new peak traffic levels of 15.6 million monthly active users and 5 million daily active users over the last week. At the moment, the game’s currently holding the No. 4 spot among the top 25 games by DAU. is focused on mobile. Several months after Bubble Witch Saga's release on Apple App Store, the company is launching its Candy Crush Saga game on iOS today and the game is coming in November. “We have had great success with Bubble Witch Saga on Facebook and we are looking forward to moving further up the charts with the addition of Candy Crush Saga,” said Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of Indeed, moved from nowhere into the Top 3 social game developers within one year with Bubble Witch Saga being the most successful game in the portfolio.

candy crush saga

Candy Crush Saga for iOS
Candy Crush Saga will complete synchronize with Facebook, keeping player’s leaderboards, scores, progress, and virtual goods seamless across both platforms. The mobile game will let you start on a computer and then pick up the game in the same place on the iPhone.

Candy Crush Saga is a candy-themed match-3 switcher game. Following the same rule, you match different types of candy so that you can get three in a row. Then, they will disappear in time. The objective is to help Mr. Toffee and his daughter, Tiffi Toffee, travel the world to meet characters like the Yeti and Loch Ness Monster. Collecting objects is also part of the game.
candy crush saga screenshot
candy crush saga screenshot
candy crush saga screenshot
candy crush saga screenshot

The game feels very much like a relaxed version of wooga’s Diamond Dash with the typical trails element to advance through levels. The gameplay is very relaxing, especially if you chose limited moves instead of limited time.

The game launches on Facebook with 65 levels and provides several modes for gamers to test their skills against time, limited moves, collecting objects and removing jellies. The mobile version will have more than 125 levels and modes where gamers can test their skills against a timer. Candy Crush Saga joins Bubble Witch Saga, a web and social game that has also become a hit on mobile. also launched its newest game in Saga series - Pet Rescue Saga. You can play it on Facebook now!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Will Be On iOS and Android Devices with Advanced Technology

rockstar logo Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on Mobiles
Rockstar Games is sending its successful game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, to iOS and Android devices in the 10th year after its born, even making its way to the PS3. Until now it  is available for PlayStation®2, Xbox, PC and Macintosh. You can download it on its official website.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, is the sixth installment of its Grand Theft Auto series on the Playstation 2 and it was first released on Oct 29, 2002, just one year after Grand Theft Auto III. Vice City improved upon the system and open world formula of its predecessor while also transitioning from the modern era back to the vibrant 80′s.

The mobile version of Vice City will boast brand new high definition graphics and will take advantage of current technology. Several brand new enhancements will be exclusive to the iOS and Android versions of the game. "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City gave players the freedom of a massive open-world in one of the most iconic and vibrant settings ever realized in a game. It was a defining moment in the series and we’re delighted to be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with a stunning, updated version for phones and tablets."

It's a pity that Rockstar did not include a release date for the new mobile version of Vice City, but “later this fall” instead.
gta vice city

About GTA: Vice City 
Welcome to Vice City. Welcome to the 1980s.

Having just made it back onto the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch in maximum security, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli. They were understandably nervous about his re-appearance in Liberty City, so a trip down south seemed like a good idea. But all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice City. He's set up and is left with no money and no merchandise. Sonny wants his money back, but the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand in his way. Most of Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to fight back and take over the city himself.
gta vice city screenshot
gta vice city screenshot

From the decade of big hair, excess and pastel suits comes a story of one man's rise to the top of the criminal pile. Vice City is a huge urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, and is the most varied, complete and alive digital city ever created. Combining non-linear gameplay with a character driven narrative, you arrive in a town brimming with delights and degradation and are given the opportunity to take it over as you choose.

As a major gateway to South America and the Caribbean and attracting migrants, Vice City is brimming with diverse characters, so there's a friend for everyone. It is a sociable place and the new guy in town is sure to meet all manner of friendly people in the sunshine capital of America. Athletes, pop stars, real estate developers, politicians, trailer trash, everyone is moving to Vice City to find out what makes it the number one growth city in America. But, as Tommy quickly finds out, trust is still the rarest of commodities.

Vice City offers vehicular pleasures to suit every taste. For the speed enthusiast, there's high-performance cars and motorbikes. For the sportsman, a powerboat or a golf buggy lets you enjoy the great outdoors. For those that need that sense of freedom and escape, why not charter a helicopter and see the beauty of Vice City from the air?
gta vice city screenshot
gta vice city screenshot

As the party capital of America, you would expect your ears to be seduced by a host of sultry melodies and pumping beats, but the city is truly rocking. You'll be AMAZED as you sweep through Vice City's FM dial. If you are feeling like trouble, you can tune into some driving rock, or some crucial electro, or maybe you want to slow down with some sweet soul, and there will always be some great romantic anthems if you want to really take your mind off things.

For the action man, or outdoors type, there's tons of fun things to do and adventures to be had guaranteed. For the secretive or creepy type, Vice City is full of surprises, a place where you'll constantly be surprised by the vivacious, fun-loving types who live there and the things you can discover.

From Grand Theft Auto: Vice City official introduction

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Free Download Halloween Flash Game "Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil" and Make Walkthrough Videos

Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil
Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil is one flash game of Reincarnation series for Halloween.In this game, players have to help the purple demon levitate things and create evil throughout the game by using your mouse and clicking objects to interact with them. Some objects may need to be combined in order to progress. Once you have found the reincarny, it is your job as the demon to find something evil that the reincarny has done and send him/her back to hell.

Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil
Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil
Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil
Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil

Use your inventory to collect items, combine them, and/or use those items on other objects in the game. Be creative with what you find. Some items may be hidden or need other items to get to, so be sure totry everything.

Play Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil Offline and Make Walkthrough Videos
You are allowed to play this Halloween flash game both online and offline. Download Halloween flash games with FREE SWF Downloader and play it with SWF Players for Android and SWF players for PC. To make a walkthrough video is also OK. All you need is just a swf to video converter, which records your playing process as a video.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Popular Android SWF Player Apps without Adobe Flash Player Plugin

Adobe discontinued the Flash® Player Plugin for Android devices. The android swf player apps I recommended before no longer works. Some of them need the support of Adobe Flash Player Plugin. That doesn't mean android users can't play swf files on Android devices. In Google Play, many developers has released free swf players without limitation of Adobe. Download and have a try.
  • HD Video Player Free
  • Free. HD Video Player is able to play tv shows, movies, music videos as well as locally stored FLV and SWF flash videos without Adobe Flash Player Plugin. The supported video formats are: swf, flv, mp4, wmv, avi, mkv, dv, rm, mp, mpeg, divx, dat, h264, h263, h261, 3gp, 3gpp, asf, mov, m4v, ogv, vob, vstream, ts.
  • SWF Player
  • Free with ads. Play flash files ( .swf ) from your SD-card. This app is a flash file viewer. You don't need to install Flash® Player Plugin, Adobe AIR® or any other plugin to use this app to play your swf flash files.
  • Flash® (SWF) Player - Explorer
  • A totally free version with strong functions, including My SWF Player, My File Manager, Files Zip-Unzip Tool, and Unique Layout Design. Its with complete flash player support, so you can play flash (SWF) games, videos animations just by clicking on them. You don't need to install Adobe Flash Player Plugin before using this player.
  • SWF Player
  • Free. During playing local swf files with it, you can also do some settings to adjust the player.
  • Mobo Video Player Pro
  • A totally free video player in Google Play. Of course, it has a strong function in playing all types of videos. Besides, it also supports flash formats video, swf and flv videos.
  • Easy Video Player
  • Silimar with Mobo Video Player Pro, Easy Video Player is a professional video player. SWF and FLV flash videos are able to be played with it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 Halloween Flash Cards

Halloween 2012 is on October 31. Halloween songs, Halloween android apps, Halloween iPhone apps, Halloween costumes ideas, Halloween powerpoint templates and Halloween powerpoint backgrounds are provided for you. Besides, free download these flash cards and send these Halloween flash cards to your friends, family, classmates...

Halloween Wishes!
Send smiles across miles and wish Happy Halloween!
Boo! Happy Halloween To You!
A fa-boo-lous Halloween wish for your friends/ family/ loved ones.
Carving Out A Halloween Wish
Carve out your wishes for a Happy Halloween with this warm and bright ecard.
Halloween Haunted Mansion!
A great fun filled haunted house Halloween card.
Inside The Halloween Haunted House
Send this spooktacular ecard to wish your friends/ family/ loved ones a hauntingly Happy Halloween.
Magic Ink
Candy Parade
Hubble Bubble
Halloween Sequence
Pumpkin Pixie

Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Download and Play Bad Piggies

Free Download and Play Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies
Rovio Entertainment, the creator of the popular Angry Birds video games, launch their new game in September, called Bad Piggies.

In Bad Piggies, players can take revenge on the Angry Birds who attached the pigs with slingshots in the original game. Angry Birds games are essentially like you're shooting birds with a sling shot and the way we see the birds destroy things whereas the pigs they are the builders.

Different from Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is much more creative. Green piggies have finally found a map to the eggs, but now it's in pieces all over Piggy Island! But that won't stop the King Pig, who orders his loyal minions to recover the map wherever it is, even from the top of a mountain or the bottom of a cave! To get these delicious eggs, green piggies start heading that way and start building all kinds of devices to reach their goal.

On their way, those tricky pigs have a few objects they can use - umbrellas, wings, bottle rockets, balloons, engines, and much more - but they need players' help to turn it into the perfect transportation. eg. Create the ultimate flying machine and steer them safely to their destination. With more than 60 levels and free updates, you have hours of pig-crashing, exploding, and flying fun. Unlock 30 more puzzles after getting three stars on every level. And if you want to stretch your creativity, Rovio provides 4 sandbox levels, where you can design more crazy rolling and flying contraptions.

Just remember, you need to try to help the pigs with their mission to collect eggs.

Here is the official Bad Piggies gameplay trailer.

Play Bad Piggies
Until now, Angry Birds' brother game-Bad Piggies, has 4 versions for different devices and operating systems, and players are able to download:
Versions for Windows 8 and Windows phone are coming soon.

FREE download Bad Piggies for PC
All of above versions need money except a demo game for PC, which you can download free. Though it's not a full version, you can also have the same experience like full versions. In the exsiting 3 parts of Bad Piggies, Ground Hog Day, When Pigs Fly and Sand Box, the free version allows players to play in Ground Hog Day, in which there are 36 levels. In each levels, you need to use the provided tools to make a transport to let green piggy get a piece of map. If you are doubt, click and see the tips.
Free Download and Play Bad Piggies
Free Download and Play Bad Piggies
Free Download and Play Bad Piggies
Free Download and Play Bad Piggies

Play More Rovio Games:


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