Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Be A Real Vampire After Learning Vampire Skills Here!

I'm sure that everyone have saw the films or TV plays about the vampires, or heard from them at least. In November, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is going to be on. It's really an exciting news for vampires fans. So, do you want to be a vampire or just learn how to use the magic skills just like in the books, films and TV plays? In this flash game, you dream will come ture.

play and download Vampire Skills flash game free
Vampire Skills
Vampire Skills is a flash game about how a primary vampire turns to a senior one. The character in this vampire story, Count Dracula, is a new vampire and you need to help him  bite all 'future vampires' and to solve various screen using your Vampire Skills in this fun point to proceed further and click adventure game. Click the symbols of the vampire skills and use them in the enviroment.

There are 11 vampire skills you need to learn.
  • Bat Skill - Move like a bat.
  • Telekinesis Skill - The power to move something by thinking about it without the application of physical force. You can also use it to open the door.
  • Hypnoses Skill - Hypnotize anybody.
  • Charm Skill - Use your charm to infatuate a lady and she will do anything for you.
  • Invisibility Skill - Everytime you need to pass a watchman, use this skill.
  • Super Strength - Use this skill to lift or remove really heavy objects.
  • Night Vision Skill - it can be used when it's too dark to see.
  • Resurrection Skill - Sometimes, you can't avoid the sunlight, fly to this safe shady spot. Then use the skill.
  • Levitation Skill - Another way to move.
  • Animal Control Skill - Control an animal like a person.
  • MegaSpeed Skill - It enables you to move really really fast.
play and download Vampire Skills flash game free
play and download Vampire Skills flash game free
play and download Vampire Skills flash game free
play and download Vampire Skills flash game free

In each lesson, there are description and steps shown to you, so that you can learn when and how to use this vampire skill. Then, you will finish a level by yourselve in limitation time. Pay attention on the sandglass on the lower left corner. You should finish the  level in limitation time. Or, failed. When the skill symbols are light, it means you have learned and can use this skill in the further levels.  After passing 22 levels, you can graduate from this vampire skill school. Now, let's learn how to be a real vampire.

Free Play Vampire Skill Online and Offline
I have played this flash game for several times. There are so many skills you need to learn, and I think it isn't enough to play it well at one time. Here is a free flash game downloader which can download Vampire Skills free and just play it on your pc or android devices with swf players for windows and swf players for android.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Easy to Play Online Transformers Flash Game - Transformers Prestige

Transformers Prestige
Transformers Prestige
Transformers Prestige is one of the popular Transformers flash games series. The story form is uncomplicated and the operation is easy to master in a few seconds. If you are a member of transformers fans, this is a funny game which you shouldn't miss.

"A long time ago, on the planet of Cybertron, an alien war was being waged between the two race of robots: the hero Autobots led by Optimus Prime and the evil Decepticons commanded by Megatron. Over the centuries, the Decepticons succeeded in seizing control of Cybertron, forcing the Autobots to operate from their new city on Planet Earth. " - story from Transformers Prestige

Transformers Prestige
Transformers Prestige
Transformers Prestige
Transformers Prestige

How to Play Transformers Prestige Free Online
"Guide Optimus Prime through the dangers of the Planet Earth's catacombs to acquire primary sources of energy for an upcoming final battle on Cybertron." Use mouse to move; click when to jump (4 times at once); kill the alien living beings by jumping on its head. Notice your LIFE on the top left corner while gain coin and energy. Now, let's pass the levels!

Download Transformers Prestige and Play Offline
More than play online, flash games are able to be downloaded to local devices and be played with swf players. Downloaded flash games (.swf) can be played freely without the limitation of internet. Let's download Transformers Prestige now!

  • Step 1 Install Moyea FREE Flash Game Downloader
  • Step 2 Input webpage url of flash game
  • download flash games
  • Step 3 Click “Go” and you will see a list of swf files from the url. Choose one to preview in the right built-in flash player.
  • download flash games
  • Step 4 Click file URL to select the specific one and click “Download SWF” button to select download folder and begin the download process. Then, you can play the downloaded flash games with swf players, including Android swf players and Windows swf players.
  • download flash games
  • Moyea Flash Game Downloader also provides a funtion of recording playing process and make walkthrough videos. Find the button "Convert SWF" on its interface.
  • download flash games

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Free Download and Play Transformers Capture The Cube Online Flash Game

Transformers Capture The Cube
In a secret lab, hidden deep within a dam, mankind has discovered an alien artifact in the shape of a cube called The Allspark. Inside the cube lies an uncontrollable source of power that could tear the planet apart. Infiltrate the dam and retrieve the cube before the humans unknowingly unleash the power of The Allspark.

There are two levels for players to choose - Novice and Expert. In the first mode, mission, warning, and alert will be provided by a robot voice. Just follow the steps and keep yourself from been detected. Once you are detected, the game will become to the end. After finishing Novice and reaching the final mission, go on to  challenge the Expert mode.

How to Play
  • Use the Arrow Keys to search through the dam levels to find the allspark.
  • Use the Enter Key to change into vending machine mode, and avoid being detected by humans.
  • Use the Spacebar to interact with glowing objects.

Download and Record
If you wanna play flash games without the limitation of Internet, just download Transformers Capture The Cube with Free Flash Game Downloader. After uploading it to your devices, you can play it with swf players for android and windows.

More, it's also available to record your playing process, so that you can share your experience with friends and other players. Just like the video below.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free Play and Download Online Flash Game "Earn to Die"

earn to die
earn to die
earn to die
earn to die
Earn to Die
Earn to Die is a driving flash game developed by Toffee Games. It has accrued over 155 million online players on the gaming portal site

Players are left in the middle of a desert. The goal is to smash through legions of the restless dead and evironmental obstacles so you can reach a military airfield in time for an evacuation. Between you and the airfield, there are lots of zombies. Drive through zombies to stay alive, and keep fighting until you earn you right to die.

Unlike many racing games, you won't earn points for finesse or sharp turns but you will earn points for flattening zombies with the front grill of a school bus. With the tons of bonus, you can upgrade your car for better fighting capacity. Use the keyboards arrow keys to control your car and plow through massive amounts of zombies as you try to escape.

Upgrade your car and drive your way through zombies to reach your final destination - alive.

If you want to play Earn to Die offline, download it with this free flash game downloader. Besides, you can also record your playing process by following the steps on Record how you play online games. Just like the below Youtube video.

And now, NotDoppler brought Earn to Die to the world of mobile gaming. You can download the iOS version of Earn to Die from APP Store. It is a little different from online flash game. It's not just a simple port, but a larger and improved version of the original one that features new levels, vehicles and zombies. During your playing, players will have the opportunity to unlock and upgrade their vehicles.
download earn to die ios version

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Top 4 Amazon APPs to Play Flash Games on Kindle Fire HD

kindle fire hd

Amazon released a number of Kindle Fire HD tablets, including 7'' Kindle Fire HD, 8.9'' Kindle Fire HD, 8.9'' Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE Wireless.

Kindle Fire HD is built for the best in gaming, with full tilt, turn and multi-touch controls. Users will be allowed to enjoy best-selling HD games, such as Angry Birds Space, Where's My Perry?, and exclusive Android titles like Fibble and Skylanders Cloud Patrol.

To play online flash games via browser, Adobe Flash Player is needed. On Kindle Fire, Adobe Flash Player is preinstalled. Until now, there isn't anything about Adobe Flash Player on Kindle Fire HD, even on its official webpage. There may be a little relevance with the news of "Adobe Flash Player dropped out of Android" before. There isn't still a result now.

Kindle Fire HD tablets run a modified version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich under the hood. Kindle Fire HD differs from other Android devices, which come with the Google Play Store on offer. Amazon will push its own storefront - Amazon Appstore for Android, with the Kindle Fire HD.

To play offline flash games from your local SD cards, swf players from Amazon Appstore for Android will work, like swf players from Android Market play flash games on normal android devices. The number of free swf players on Amazon Appstore is smaller than it on Google Play Store, but we can still find professional and free ones.

  • SWF Player
    FREE. It's a simple app to play .swf files on Kindle Fire HD. The size is not large, 452.7kb. Users are allowed to control volume, zoom in/out and fullscreen, and even share swf files with others.
  • SWF (Flash) Player Free
    FREE. Play swf flash files through the SD card, and some basic operatings, such as cut, copy and paste files. Since it's free, there are ads in this version. Or, you can check out its SWF (Flash) Player Full version without ad. It's a little larger in size than SWF Player above, 543.5kb.
  • SWF (Flash) Player Full
    Price: $1.99. No-ad version of the above free SWF (Flash) Player. They both have the same features except ads.
  • Easy SWF player
    Price: $1.20. Besides the same basic functions which a player need to have, you can create a swf loop playlist in this swf player.

Download and install these swf players, then open the swf files from your SD cards in them. Then, have fun during your favorite flash games. Besides, there are full of flash games sources for you - online free flash games, flash games free downloader, flash games walkthrough video maker. Enjoy your game life with Kinde Fire HD!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Play FarmVille 2 on Facebook and Download Farm Flash Games to Play on Android and Windows Platforms

FarmVille 2
The latest social game developed by Zynga - FarmVille2 was debut on Facebook today.

The new game "was not intended to replace 'FarmVille.' Our goal was to create a game that was completely different than what's already out there," said Tim LeTourneau, Zynga's vice president of games. "But 'FarmVille' is still a thriving game, and we'll continue to support it for as long as people want to play it."

Though the name looks like the next generation of the previous game, it has little in common with the original "FarmVille" that vaulted Zynga into mainstream consciousness after it launched in 2009. It graphically rich, more immersive upgrades from the original.

Keeping the same harvesting theme, there are no coins that come bursting out of every click. Players can now interact with cute cartoon animals instead of simply "harvesting" them with endless clicks to obtain coins, as in the original "FarmVille." In this game, you will learn to build an empire out of the wreckage of a neglected family farm instead of rescuing lonely livestock.

The most biggest change in FarmVille 2 is 3D graphics artwork yields. With “FarmVille 2,” the game designers used newer Flash 11 technology to create a more realistic looking farm, down to fields of wheat that wave in the wind.

FarmVille 2

Farming tasks are more interconnected. Players need to precious water from wells makes seeds grow into crops, which feed the chickens and cows that produce the ingredients for the food that is cooked or sold, not to mention the fertilizer used to help more seeds grow.

Game tasks like harvesting are easier, and decorations do more than just take up space. A rocking chair will rock and wind chimes will chime.

It's a pity that, FarmVille 2 won’t be available right away on mobile devices, although it is part of a “mobile strategy” that the company hasn’t announced yet, LeTourneau said.

If you want to play more farm building flash games, without the limitation of SNS sites and internet connection, you can free download these farm flash games to your computers and android smartphones to play with free swf players (flash game players for pc & flash game players for android).

Click the below video to check out the FarmVille 2 trailer.


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