Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Official iPad Game of "The Hunger Games" - "The Hunger Games Adventures" Will Be Coming Soon on Apple APP Store

The Hunger Games poster
The official social game based on The Hunger Games is coming to the iPad very soon - named The Hunger Games Adventures. Actually, The Hunger Games Adventures game has been already a huge hit on Facebook and the iPad version is built from that game, but is improved in many parts, such as adding greater depth to the story, better graphics, and more intuitive controls. You can play it from your iPad anytime without having to be logged into Facebook is a pretty big advantage, too

Bubble Witch SAGA have also released the version for iOS on Apple App Store. It is developed based on the Facebook game, too. The accounts can be synchronized between Facebook and iOS devices. But The Hunger Games Adventures still have time to be the same.

Anyway, it's really an exciting news for fans of The Hunger Games book, movie or both. Here is a trailer of the Facebook Game. Have a look!

The Hunger Games Adventures - Official Facebook Game

In the iOS version of The Hunger Games Adventures, you will play a character of your own, who starts out a Citizen of District 12 and works his/her way towards becoming the next hero of Panem, while all the familiar characters from the story are there: Katniss and Peeta, Primrose, Haymitch, Effie, Cinna, President Snow and more.

After you are dropped in District 12, get to the certain areas. You will also been given a part of the forest that's all you own. There, you gradually set up more and more tools, decorations, places to rest and such. You can rearrange things as much as you want. Besides, more preparation you can do here.

The Hunger Games Adventures game

During the whole game, you will be given missions by the various characters: people you need to help, things you need to find or build, new items you need to purchase and son on. In this game, there are 3 stats you have to notice. And all the things you do above, will be helpful with the stats.
  • Like normal games, everything you do cost Energy. Don't worry, the energy is replenished automatically though happens very slowly. As a result, you are forced to take breaksbecause you are simply tired during this game. Besides, there is still another way to renew fast, getting the items.
  • To accumulate Experience, take various actions, and when you fill up the bar you go up a level, which increases your maximum Energy (and refills it as well).
  • Goods are important things for you to acquire items or unlock new sections of your forest area for use. They add up quickly while doing pretty much anything.
Just like the real story in the book and movie of The Hunger Games, both kids and adults in this game have to find and use all you can to achieve the missions and keep the story going on. It's really a good experience though in the invented world.

So, have you been ready for The Hunger Games Adventures in a few days? Let's Start!

Adobe Flash Player Have Been Dropped Out Of Google Play Store

android logo
Adobe Flash Player was moved from Google Play Store from August 15, 2012. If you have already installed the Adobe Flash Player app on your android device, you will be able to use and see it on the store, but no new updates will be provided.
  • Last November, Adobe announced that it is going to stop developing the mobile version of the Flash Player for Android, but the app will continue to be provided through the Android Market.

  • "Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. We will no longer adapt Flash Player for mobile devices to new browser, OS version or device configurations. Some of our source code licensees may opt to continue working on and releasing their own implementations. We will continue to support the current Android and PlayBook configurations with critical bug fixes and security updates."

  • A couple of months ago, Adobe said that it will be removed from the stroe on August 15.
  • On August 15, 2012, Adobe Flash Player was not able to be found in Android Market no longer.
adobe flash player logo
There are reasons which make Adobe do these step by step.
  • Apple decided to forgo having the ability to play various types of multimedia and interactive content on their device when the first iPhone was launched. Instead, their devices owned stability, better user experience and battery life. And the most important is that didn't stop people from buying the phone.
  • iPhone grew more and more popular and Apple released another device which also does't have the support of Flash - iPad. And this went on to become a hit, again. iPad is still hot nowadays.
  • Leaving the world's most popular platform, Adobe had no choice but to turn to Android. At first, Flash supporting became one selling point of those Android devices.
  • But actually, very few Android devices were capable of running Flash properly. Most content on the web is not optimized for a touchscreen at all and that causes a poor user experience.
  • Eventually, Adobe chose to turn to HTML5 instead of developing Flash Player for Android. At the same time, Google chose not to include support for Flash Player at all in their Chrome for Android.

That's all reasons and steps in the whole thing. And now, as android users, we can't download Adobe Flash Player for ever. But to play local flash videos, some of these swf players for android can help you.

Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Convert Flash Games to MP4

After playing various of online flash games, have you ever thought about recording and sharing them with others, such as uploading to Youtube or playing on devices? It's really not a difficult thing. Since MP4 is one of the most popular video formats nowadays. Most of video-sharing websites and mobile equipments all support it, then our solution is changing to - how to convert swf (flash games) to mp4.

The easiest way is looking for a swf to mp4 converter to finish the conversion easily and quickly. Then, Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter is here. Please follow the steps below and get what you want.

Step 1: Input the flash game (.swf) which you want to record.
convert swf to mp4

Step 2: In Output, doing settings of the output video. Choose .mp4 in Style, set the quality and if you also want the background audio, Click "Rip Audio".
convert swf to mp4

Step 3: Come to the last step - Convert. All you need to do is waiting for the conversion finishing and get the output mp4 video successfully.
convert swf to mp4

More. Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter also provides additional functions, such as adding watermark, crop swf files before converting.
convert swf to mp4

convert swf to mp4

That's all about how to convert swf to mp4 on your computer. It's the simplest way. If you don't care complex steps, here is also another totally free swf to mp4 method. Hope they both do work!

Play and Download The Expendables 2 Online Flash Game

the expendables 2The Expendables 2 own nice box office in the first week after it was on in U.S. and Canada. It's really a good action movie since in the 102 minutes' film, you can get what you want to see about the action at anytime.

At the same time, The Expendables 2 is also a name of an online flash game. It was published by  the same company of The Expendables 2, too, especially for people in Australia - if you upload your scores, you may own a ticket of The Expendables 2.

You can download this swf flash game free and play flash games on android devices and computers at anytime, anywhere as you like.

The Expendables 2 - Deploy & Destroy
  • Navigation: use the arrow keys or the wasd keys to pan. Also you can use the mouse click map in this game.
  • Using the towers: click the box to build a tower - select a tower type - click again to upgrade, sell or repair. Once your tower is fully upgraded, use the POWER-UPS to beef up either your defence or damage.
  • Using the expendables: Click icon or character to select in the menu, click anywhere on the map to go there, and use the special weapons to kick some ass.
  • Hot keys: "E"- cycle through expendables; "Q"- go to headquarters; "T"- cycle through towers
the expendables 2
the expendables 2
the expendables 2
the expendables 2
the expendables 2
the expendables 2
Now, it's your time to be one member of The Expendables 2.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Play and Free Download "Back to School" Flash Game

Back to School season is coming around the world. Most of the students may be sad about that, cause the wonderful and funny summer holiday is going to the end. Besides preparing the things you have to, let's get away from the bad feeling today and have fun with this little Back to School flash game online.

Back to School
LIL'g invites his friends for supper and doing anything else together. But except the fact boy, all his friends are at summer school. So, he intends to rescue his friends from the summer school. During his way, in every place there will be filled with plenty of fun mini games. You need to help him pass them. Don't worry, at the beginning of each game, the fat boy will give you advices. And any problems, "call" him and he will be there. Notice, if die in any level, you need to start again for the very beginning.
back to school flash game
back to school flash game
back to school flash game
back to school flash game

In the first level, LIL'g has to walk through a busy road. First, he must keep away from cars and buses. Then cross the river under the help of wood piles and frogs. Then, a road again in the same way like the beginning. In a word, dodge what you have to dodge, and use what you can use. LIL'g life is in your hand. The game won't be over until LIL'g lose all of his lives.

In the second part, LIL'g comes to his neighborhood. There is a hill of rubbish before him. And he has to do something to pass. Get tools and use them by following his fat friend's advice.

More funny steps are waiting for you. Let's go to have fun!

How to play Back to School flash game?
  • To move LIL'g around, press the arrow keys.
  • Press the space bar to make LIL'g jump.
  • The "S" key is your action key. Use this key to push buttons and use objects you find!
  • The "A" key will be used after finding a weapon. To change the direction of weapon, hit the arrow keys.

You can free download Back to School flash game from internet and play on your computers and other android devices with free flash game players for Win and Mac and free android flash game players. If you like, you can also make a walkthrough video of Back to School flash game by recording the whole process during you are playing.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Play London 2012 Olympic Water Polo Flash Game Online

water polo
August 9, 2012 is the day on which Women's Water Polo final results will be born in London 2012 Olympics. United States and Spain will fight for golden metal in Olympic Park, Water Polo Arena, while Australia and Hungary for bronze medal.

Water Polo, also called Water Ball, is a team water sport, like football in water. And the number of a team is 7, including 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper. Though teams consist of 13 players, only seven are allowed in the water at any one time. Seven players from each team are allowed in the playing area of the pool during game play with up to four substitutes. Goalies wear red caps, numbered "1". Visiting team field players wear numbered White caps, and home team field players wear numbered Blue caps, usually. If coaches want to substituted in and out, they can do this after goals, during timeouts, at the beginning of each quarter, after ordinary fouls and after injuries. Who scores more goals, who win. It has featured on every Olympics since the Paris 1900 Games, including one men's and one women's competition.

In London Olympics, twelve teams compete in the men’s competition, eight in the women’s. The 8 teams appear on the matches are China, Australia, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain and United States. After 10 days' competition, 4 countries are here today for the final fight.

london 2012 olympic women's water polo

If you also want to have a try in this funny game, the online flash game below is your best choice.

Water Polo

Lead your national Water Polo team to win! Get the ball and make a goal. Play like it was soccer only in the water.
  • In this sport flash game, players can choose 1P or 2P. 
  • Then, you are allowed to choose the nations (10 countries), and sex (men or women). 
  • For Player 1, the arrow keys can be used as Left, Up, and Right. To Pass or Kick Off, use K, and to Shoot, use L.For Player 2, the keys are A, W, D, F and G.
  • The match lasts for one minute, make sure that your team gains more scores.
You are allowed to download water polo flash game, and play flash games on android devices and PC.

Besides, you can also join in many other Olympic sports, such as football, high diving, hammer throw, tennis, shooting, basketball and more.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Men Football Golden Be Born Between Brazil And Mexico

olympic footballFootball at London 2012 Summer Olympics has been started from 25 July already. Football is not just being held in London, but throughout the whole country in other cities. Such as Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Coventry and Cardiff.

16 football teams from 16 countries were divided into 4 groups - Group A to Group D. And several days before, top 4 men football teams in this Olympics has freshly made - Korea, Japan, Brazil and Mexico.

london 2012 olympic men football groups

Brazil moved a step closer to winning the elusive medal by beating South Korea 3-0 Tuesday and reaching the final of the men's Olympic tournament for the first time in 24 years. Mexico stands in the way of its first Olympic gold in football by defeating Japan 3-1. The finals will be played at Wembley Stadium.

london 2012 olympic men football results

Football Crazy Quiz
If you are a crazy football fans, more than Olympic Football, I think it will be funny and a challenge to finish the football quiz below. First, let me introduce how to play.
  • Your target is to answer 5 questions correctly within the time limit.
  • The time limit will be reduced by 5 seconds in each successive round.
  • You will score points according to the seconds left on the clock when you answer a question correctly.
  • Failure to answer 5 questions within the time limit will end the game.
Now, let's start!

Join In London 2012 Olympics:


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