Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Apple App Store Top Games Download - Gold Nuggets

On Apple App Store, Gold Nuggets is the second popularest game after Puck Billiards.

Gold Nuggets is a game testing your direction-sense and speed of reaction, especially the ability of the combinatorial use of hands and brain.

You can have a try in the same flash game below to prove your coordination. If you don't have Apple devices, you can also download it to your computer with Free Flash Downloader and enjoy yourselves.

Go get 'em hook, line and sinker... and not a single fish to be seen anywhere! But who needs fish when there's this much gold to be struck! Wait for the perfect moment, hold your breath, time your shot, release your anchor and reel in the prize! Huge chunks of lovely gold are up for grabs here, but make sure you pick your nuggets wisely and keep an eye on the clock. Reach your cash target before time runs out to avoid going home empty handed. One more thing, all that glitters is not gold. Aluminum chunks lie there in that earth, so don't waste your time on them unless you have to! Enjoy this brilliant Fishing game at doof.

Click the mouse button to shoot the hook and collect the gold nuggets.

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