Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Angry Birds Company - Rovio Mobile Plans To Break Into Animation And Be Another Pixar

Rovio Mobile, the designer and owner of Angry Birds, is going to turn Angry Birds into a “larger entertainment franchise” that will include animated shorts, TV shows, and licensed merchandise, such as the plush versions of the characters already on sale. 

After drawing benefite from the the 20th Century Fox animated film Rio, which has angry birds characters, the first step for Rovio is Angry Birds Movies.

Rovio has started action. Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel has been hired as a special advisor for the fledgling film company. Rovio CEO Mikhael Hed claimed that Maisel’s prior experience adapting comic-book franchises at Marvel made the producer a good fit for the video game adaptation. 

Angry Birds Movie Trailer hasn't come out. If anything new, I will update immediately.

Angry Birds Wallpaper
angry birds wallpaper

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