Friday, May 20, 2011

Reimagine: The Game

Reimagine first greets you with faceless celebrity caricatures hopping around the sides of a square, as you realize the GRAVITY of the situation. Everything around you... is part of the game.

From Super Meat Dress, to Double Rainbow Double Jumps, to The Bieber Booty Call, to iPad iGravity, to Groundbreaking Earthquakes, to Apple-ture Science ...

... To MUSICAL PARODIES such as Somewhere Are Double Rainbows, Tik Locke, and EMIN3M BIEB3R...
... To the twelve-ish cutscenes of animated havoc and hilarity...
... To the nine-ish minutes of original soundtrack...
... To the twelve achievements that artificially create replay value...

... And to YOU.
The more challenges you complete, the more you can customize your own character in the CHARACTER MAKER. When all the challenges are done, you can play AS YOURSELF. IN. THE. GAME. ...And you realize...

Everything about the game... is part of you.


Arrow keys / WASD to move and jump
Number keys to switch characters
Space is some generic action key
P: Pause
M: Mute
Q: Quality
S+K: Skip level, after trying for a minute.

This is Reimagine: The Game Trailer.

If you really like this game, you can download it with free Moyea Flash Downloader.

Here are some walkthrough videos which a game player record and upload onto Youtube. It's easy to make your own video by using Moyea Swf to Video Converter.


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