Friday, July 27, 2012

Free Download The Latest Version of Bubble Witch SAGA for iOS

Bubble Witch Saga iOS finally released the hit Facebook game - Bubble Witch Saga on Apple App Store. You can download Bubble Witch Saga FREE now! Take Bubble Witch Saga with you on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Bubble Witch Saga with over four million daily players, is one of the most popular games on Facebook.  In this game, Witch Country is being overrun by dark, evil spirits. Player need to help three witches make a brew by shooting bubbles to free the villagers and drive away the darkness by taking on quests and challenges. After chaining successful consecutive bursts causes more spiders to appear, bounce the bubbles off the spiders to get even more points. 

Bubble Witch Saga iOS

Since more and more users are focusing on mobile gaming, decided to launch the platform version over the world. Better yet, the whole experience will be directly linked with what's currently on Facebook. The players can connect and synch their accounts between Facebook and iOS devices. And the fans will enjoy over 150 levels free when Bubble Witch Saga debuts for iOS devices in July, with new levels being added each week. Of course, it is well welcomed. Here is a small practice version of Bubble Witch Saga, the beginner can have a try.

Bubble Witch Saga iPhone screenshot
Bubble Witch Saga iPhone screenshot

Here are some Bubble Witch Saga iOS features:
  • Unlock magical charms, bubbles and items to aid you during the witching hour 
  • Fully synced with Facebook: players can continue their progress and unlock new levels in both the Facebook and mobile versions! 
  • New levels added every week 
  • Sharp, vivid retina display visuals 
  • Connect to Game Center to unlock achievements and challenge friends 
  • Built-in online connectivity to see friends that are also playing

For Android users, it is really a pity, since the android version is still on planning. But it is said that it will be in schedule for later this year, along with further mobile versions of the popular Saga series. Let's expect together! 

Besides, here is a similar flash games you can try to play - Bubble Spinner. You are even allowed to download this flash game and play it on Android devices with SWF players for android.


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