Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free Download Bubble Witch Saga Flash Game

bubble with saga, the small British publisher of Bubble Witch Saga toppled Wooga on Facebook.

Although was born eight years ago, It continues to operate more than 150 games on its own site. Bubble Saga is its first game published on the social network a year ago. And on July 26th, 2012, this game making company released the iOS version of Bubble Witch Saga on Apple APP Store. Players are allowed to free download Now!

Before you can play Bubble Witch Saga on FaceBook, learn about this game first.

bubble with saga
bubble with saga
Bubble Witch Saga Description
The three witches are looking for a new addition to their circle. You have been invited to their haunted house to prove your worth. Can you create enough spiders and keep the cauldron bubbling?

Bubble Witch Saga Instructions
  • Aim and shoot with the mouse. Match 3 of the same colour to remove them.
  • Every shot that bursts bubbles will add a new spider. If you don't burst bubbles, two spiders are removed.
  • The score for the falling bubbles increase every time they bounce on a spider.
Bubble Witch Saga really attracts many fans on FaceBook. Players record game playing process and upload to Youtube to share with others.

There isn't any Bubble Witch flash game url on internet. If you want to download Bubble Witch Saga flash game and play it offline, here is another funny bubble flash game instead - Bubble Spinner. You can easily download Bubble Spinner with Moyea Free Flash Game Downloader. With Flash Game Recorder, you can upload your score and the whole playing process to Youtube, too.


  1. JUST A REMINDER: I tried the links given above and it is not working. You are just gonna waste your time... However, I already found the working file, and I guarantee it is working! It is also a one click install... So for you not to waste any time looking for it, i will share it here.

    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE full game (verified working)

    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE full game (verified working)

    Enjoy playing guys! This game is really great! :)

  2. this is the nice game ............. I play it too much today first time and I like this ...........
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