Monday, June 25, 2012

Free Download Siege Master and Record Walkthrough Videos

siege master screenshot
Siege Master
You are the brave mercenary hired to siege and take over this land. Try to conquer this kingdom using 3 different types of medieval siege weapons and various ammo types. Sieger Master uses shop system to buy the ammunition and it has accurate targeting system. The angle and power that are used to shoot are shown, so you can calculate which is the effective shot.
siege master screenshot siege master screenshot
siege master screenshot siege master screenshot

Play Siege Master Online
To play this funny game offline, download Siege Master free and play swf files on PC or play swf files on android devices freely.

Record Siege Master Walkthrough Video
This is a walkthrough video which was uploaded by a Siege Master player. Actually, it's not difficult to record such a flash game walkthrough video.

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