Friday, June 22, 2012

Free Play and Download An Angry Birds-Like Online Flash Game "Da Vinci Cannon" And Make Walkthrough Videos

Da Vinci Cannon
Da Vinci Cannon is a flash game like Angry Birds which is released by Similar to Crush the Castle (another popular Angry Birds-Like flash game), but your weapon is a cannon instead of a trebuchet. It uses cannon to shoot, using two component, angle and power. Adjust the angle and power of the cannon, and then fire away to knock over structures and kill your foes. The learning curve in targeting is a breeze.
Da Vinci Cannon screenshot Da Vinci Cannon screenshot
Da Vinci Cannon screenshot Da Vinci Cannon screenshot

Play Da Vinci Cannon Online
Da Vinci Cannon is a flash game likes Angry Birds. Control you mouse and play it online. To play it offline with swf player, free download it.

Make Play Da Vinci Cannon Walkthrough Videos
Here are two walkthrough videos uploaded by Da Vinci Cannon players. They will work during your playing. It's also not hard for you to make a video like this.



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