Thursday, September 6, 2012

Top 4 Amazon APPs to Play Flash Games on Kindle Fire HD

kindle fire hd

Amazon released a number of Kindle Fire HD tablets, including 7'' Kindle Fire HD, 8.9'' Kindle Fire HD, 8.9'' Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE Wireless.

Kindle Fire HD is built for the best in gaming, with full tilt, turn and multi-touch controls. Users will be allowed to enjoy best-selling HD games, such as Angry Birds Space, Where's My Perry?, and exclusive Android titles like Fibble and Skylanders Cloud Patrol.

To play online flash games via browser, Adobe Flash Player is needed. On Kindle Fire, Adobe Flash Player is preinstalled. Until now, there isn't anything about Adobe Flash Player on Kindle Fire HD, even on its official webpage. There may be a little relevance with the news of "Adobe Flash Player dropped out of Android" before. There isn't still a result now.

Kindle Fire HD tablets run a modified version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich under the hood. Kindle Fire HD differs from other Android devices, which come with the Google Play Store on offer. Amazon will push its own storefront - Amazon Appstore for Android, with the Kindle Fire HD.

To play offline flash games from your local SD cards, swf players from Amazon Appstore for Android will work, like swf players from Android Market play flash games on normal android devices. The number of free swf players on Amazon Appstore is smaller than it on Google Play Store, but we can still find professional and free ones.

  • SWF Player
    FREE. It's a simple app to play .swf files on Kindle Fire HD. The size is not large, 452.7kb. Users are allowed to control volume, zoom in/out and fullscreen, and even share swf files with others.
  • SWF (Flash) Player Free
    FREE. Play swf flash files through the SD card, and some basic operatings, such as cut, copy and paste files. Since it's free, there are ads in this version. Or, you can check out its SWF (Flash) Player Full version without ad. It's a little larger in size than SWF Player above, 543.5kb.
  • SWF (Flash) Player Full
    Price: $1.99. No-ad version of the above free SWF (Flash) Player. They both have the same features except ads.
  • Easy SWF player
    Price: $1.20. Besides the same basic functions which a player need to have, you can create a swf loop playlist in this swf player.

Download and install these swf players, then open the swf files from your SD cards in them. Then, have fun during your favorite flash games. Besides, there are full of flash games sources for you - online free flash games, flash games free downloader, flash games walkthrough video maker. Enjoy your game life with Kinde Fire HD!

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