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Free Download and Play Bad Piggies

Free Download and Play Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies
Rovio Entertainment, the creator of the popular Angry Birds video games, launch their new game in September, called Bad Piggies.

In Bad Piggies, players can take revenge on the Angry Birds who attached the pigs with slingshots in the original game. Angry Birds games are essentially like you're shooting birds with a sling shot and the way we see the birds destroy things whereas the pigs they are the builders.

Different from Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is much more creative. Green piggies have finally found a map to the eggs, but now it's in pieces all over Piggy Island! But that won't stop the King Pig, who orders his loyal minions to recover the map wherever it is, even from the top of a mountain or the bottom of a cave! To get these delicious eggs, green piggies start heading that way and start building all kinds of devices to reach their goal.

On their way, those tricky pigs have a few objects they can use - umbrellas, wings, bottle rockets, balloons, engines, and much more - but they need players' help to turn it into the perfect transportation. eg. Create the ultimate flying machine and steer them safely to their destination. With more than 60 levels and free updates, you have hours of pig-crashing, exploding, and flying fun. Unlock 30 more puzzles after getting three stars on every level. And if you want to stretch your creativity, Rovio provides 4 sandbox levels, where you can design more crazy rolling and flying contraptions.

Just remember, you need to try to help the pigs with their mission to collect eggs.

Here is the official Bad Piggies gameplay trailer.

Play Bad Piggies
Until now, Angry Birds' brother game-Bad Piggies, has 4 versions for different devices and operating systems, and players are able to download:
Versions for Windows 8 and Windows phone are coming soon.

FREE download Bad Piggies for PC
All of above versions need money except a demo game for PC, which you can download free. Though it's not a full version, you can also have the same experience like full versions. In the exsiting 3 parts of Bad Piggies, Ground Hog Day, When Pigs Fly and Sand Box, the free version allows players to play in Ground Hog Day, in which there are 36 levels. In each levels, you need to use the provided tools to make a transport to let green piggy get a piece of map. If you are doubt, click and see the tips.
Free Download and Play Bad Piggies
Free Download and Play Bad Piggies
Free Download and Play Bad Piggies
Free Download and Play Bad Piggies

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  1. JUST A REMINDER: I tried the links given above and it is not working. You are just gonna waste your time... However, I already found the working file, and I guarantee it is working! It is also a one click install... So for you not to waste any time looking for it, i will share it here.

    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE full game (verified working)

    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE full game (verified working)

    Enjoy playing guys! This game is really great! :)



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