Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Play and Free Download "Back to School" Flash Game

Back to School season is coming around the world. Most of the students may be sad about that, cause the wonderful and funny summer holiday is going to the end. Besides preparing the things you have to, let's get away from the bad feeling today and have fun with this little Back to School flash game online.

Back to School
LIL'g invites his friends for supper and doing anything else together. But except the fact boy, all his friends are at summer school. So, he intends to rescue his friends from the summer school. During his way, in every place there will be filled with plenty of fun mini games. You need to help him pass them. Don't worry, at the beginning of each game, the fat boy will give you advices. And any problems, "call" him and he will be there. Notice, if die in any level, you need to start again for the very beginning.
back to school flash game
back to school flash game
back to school flash game
back to school flash game

In the first level, LIL'g has to walk through a busy road. First, he must keep away from cars and buses. Then cross the river under the help of wood piles and frogs. Then, a road again in the same way like the beginning. In a word, dodge what you have to dodge, and use what you can use. LIL'g life is in your hand. The game won't be over until LIL'g lose all of his lives.

In the second part, LIL'g comes to his neighborhood. There is a hill of rubbish before him. And he has to do something to pass. Get tools and use them by following his fat friend's advice.

More funny steps are waiting for you. Let's go to have fun!

How to play Back to School flash game?
  • To move LIL'g around, press the arrow keys.
  • Press the space bar to make LIL'g jump.
  • The "S" key is your action key. Use this key to push buttons and use objects you find!
  • The "A" key will be used after finding a weapon. To change the direction of weapon, hit the arrow keys.

You can free download Back to School flash game from internet and play on your computers and other android devices with free flash game players for Win and Mac and free android flash game players. If you like, you can also make a walkthrough video of Back to School flash game by recording the whole process during you are playing.

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