Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Official iPad Game of "The Hunger Games" - "The Hunger Games Adventures" Will Be Coming Soon on Apple APP Store

The Hunger Games poster
The official social game based on The Hunger Games is coming to the iPad very soon - named The Hunger Games Adventures. Actually, The Hunger Games Adventures game has been already a huge hit on Facebook and the iPad version is built from that game, but is improved in many parts, such as adding greater depth to the story, better graphics, and more intuitive controls. You can play it from your iPad anytime without having to be logged into Facebook is a pretty big advantage, too

Bubble Witch SAGA have also released the version for iOS on Apple App Store. It is developed based on the Facebook game, too. The accounts can be synchronized between Facebook and iOS devices. But The Hunger Games Adventures still have time to be the same.

Anyway, it's really an exciting news for fans of The Hunger Games book, movie or both. Here is a trailer of the Facebook Game. Have a look!

The Hunger Games Adventures - Official Facebook Game

In the iOS version of The Hunger Games Adventures, you will play a character of your own, who starts out a Citizen of District 12 and works his/her way towards becoming the next hero of Panem, while all the familiar characters from the story are there: Katniss and Peeta, Primrose, Haymitch, Effie, Cinna, President Snow and more.

After you are dropped in District 12, get to the certain areas. You will also been given a part of the forest that's all you own. There, you gradually set up more and more tools, decorations, places to rest and such. You can rearrange things as much as you want. Besides, more preparation you can do here.

The Hunger Games Adventures game

During the whole game, you will be given missions by the various characters: people you need to help, things you need to find or build, new items you need to purchase and son on. In this game, there are 3 stats you have to notice. And all the things you do above, will be helpful with the stats.
  • Like normal games, everything you do cost Energy. Don't worry, the energy is replenished automatically though happens very slowly. As a result, you are forced to take breaksbecause you are simply tired during this game. Besides, there is still another way to renew fast, getting the items.
  • To accumulate Experience, take various actions, and when you fill up the bar you go up a level, which increases your maximum Energy (and refills it as well).
  • Goods are important things for you to acquire items or unlock new sections of your forest area for use. They add up quickly while doing pretty much anything.
Just like the real story in the book and movie of The Hunger Games, both kids and adults in this game have to find and use all you can to achieve the missions and keep the story going on. It's really a good experience though in the invented world.

So, have you been ready for The Hunger Games Adventures in a few days? Let's Start!


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