Thursday, August 9, 2012

Play London 2012 Olympic Water Polo Flash Game Online

water polo
August 9, 2012 is the day on which Women's Water Polo final results will be born in London 2012 Olympics. United States and Spain will fight for golden metal in Olympic Park, Water Polo Arena, while Australia and Hungary for bronze medal.

Water Polo, also called Water Ball, is a team water sport, like football in water. And the number of a team is 7, including 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper. Though teams consist of 13 players, only seven are allowed in the water at any one time. Seven players from each team are allowed in the playing area of the pool during game play with up to four substitutes. Goalies wear red caps, numbered "1". Visiting team field players wear numbered White caps, and home team field players wear numbered Blue caps, usually. If coaches want to substituted in and out, they can do this after goals, during timeouts, at the beginning of each quarter, after ordinary fouls and after injuries. Who scores more goals, who win. It has featured on every Olympics since the Paris 1900 Games, including one men's and one women's competition.

In London Olympics, twelve teams compete in the men’s competition, eight in the women’s. The 8 teams appear on the matches are China, Australia, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain and United States. After 10 days' competition, 4 countries are here today for the final fight.

london 2012 olympic women's water polo

If you also want to have a try in this funny game, the online flash game below is your best choice.

Water Polo

Lead your national Water Polo team to win! Get the ball and make a goal. Play like it was soccer only in the water.
  • In this sport flash game, players can choose 1P or 2P. 
  • Then, you are allowed to choose the nations (10 countries), and sex (men or women). 
  • For Player 1, the arrow keys can be used as Left, Up, and Right. To Pass or Kick Off, use K, and to Shoot, use L.For Player 2, the keys are A, W, D, F and G.
  • The match lasts for one minute, make sure that your team gains more scores.
You are allowed to download water polo flash game, and play flash games on android devices and PC.

Besides, you can also join in many other Olympic sports, such as football, high diving, hammer throw, tennis, shooting, basketball and more.

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