Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bicycle Race Flash Games - Part 1

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Have you already made a plan for this weekend? 

The weather get warmer and warmer. The view outside is really beautiful. It's comfortable when riding a bicycle under the sunshine in spring. Leave your house and orgnization a road cycle race. Let's have an interesting journey.

Try these bicycle games. Warm up and wish you good luck.

How to play these bicycle flash games:

Up,Down - to move forward, to move backward
Left,Right - to lean the biker's body
P - pause

 Bike Mania
Bike Mania has the ultimate trail bike courses which must be completed to show you are a true champion. This is a challenging game and only the best gamers will make the grade! 

Bike Mania 2

Bike Mania 3

Bike Mania 4

Bike Mania 5

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