Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pogo Swing - Kids Earn Money Just by Swing

Jumping from the swing is one of the best things about being a kid. In Pogo Swing, you can not only swing as much as you like, but also earn money and upgrade the swing.

Your goal in this funny game is to help the gang of kids to jump off the swing as far as you can to earn enough cash to buy a super swing for the playground. Go to upgrade menu to buy some cool upgrades. Once you buy pogo stick pay good attention to the angle that you land.
Use your keyboard to swing better and harder and when you think you are ready just jump! On your way you can fall in various elements like giant mushrooms who can make you jump higher.
Have fun!

LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to swing back and forth
SPACEBAR to launch when you are at a good angle
Arrows toe Flip
Mouse to navigate Menus.

If you are having trouble building momentum, you can also use the auto swing option.

Some players upload their recording video onto youtube and share their experience.

Do you want to know what the ending when you pass all the upgrades?
It's really a surprise!

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