Monday, April 11, 2011

Download Flash Game Elephant Quest, Record and Upload It Onto Youtube

Elephant Quest is a joyous Elephant-themed adventure game designed by Armor Games that brilliantly combines RPG, action and platformer game-play. It is beginning with a blue elephant, on his quest to retrieve something stolen from him. Free Download this funny flash game. Record flash video and upload onto Youtube to share with other players.

Arrow Keys/WASD to move, mouse to shoot

Rather than wielding a sword or bow, your Elephant has at its disposal a laser which is controlled using your mouse. You use the laser to wipe out the many nasty critters you encounter while exploring the extensive game-world.

This is not a small game. There are no less than 42 different locations to find and explore, including caves and forests. Each location is like a level in a platform puzzle game. Elephant Quest comes with a map to help you avoid getting hopelessly lost.

As you progress through game, you earn experience points, largely by killing enemies. After you gain enough experience points, you level up. Each time you level up, you can decide to increase one of your Elephant's base skills: intelligence, charisma, agility and dexterity. And when you have boosted each skill high enough, your Elephant gains a new ability or upgrade.

During playing, you can refer to walkthrough in below video.

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